Over the years Ticehurst Village has grown from its historic roots, while its narrow lanes and village square, reminiscent of the quintessential rural idyll it once was, have been unable to follow suit. The village is now under constant pressure from the onslaught of cars and lorries befitting contemporary village life within the south east of England. With a daily influx of residents for their everyday needs and the many goods vehicles that supply and service the local businesses, plus an increasing number of visitors attracted by what Ticehurst and the locality offers, urgent attention is needed at its centre to ensure we safeguard our precious heritage whilst maintaining everyone’s safety, old and young, together with their quality of life.

The Public Realm Strategy includes improvements to road surfaces, a reduction in the dominance of cars, removal of unnecessary clutter, increased planting, improvements to public lavatories and the restoration of historic features. It is our aim for the Ticehurst Village Centre Project to achieve all of these strategic steps to increase the attractiveness of the village centre as a place to live, work and to meet, since it has been proven elsewhere with similar schemes that economic, social and cultural benefits undoubtedly follow as a result.

This highly innovative, flagship project is supported by Ticehurst Parish Council and we are working with both Rother District Council and East Sussex County Council to enable us to achieve our goals. The project is highlighted for its innovative community led approach within Rother District Council’s draft Public Realm Strategic Framework document and is included within the Ticehurst Neighbourhood Plan, now completed and currently with the Independent Examiner prior to it going to a referendum later in 2019.

An Executive Team of volunteers will manage the project and is undertaking the fundraising necessary to bring the Project to a successful conclusion.

This is our latest document outlining our plans for the village centre plus our petition we are launching to get support for the crossing and two proposed designs for people to see and comment on are available from the image to the left and the petition link below.

Anyone who wishes to join us, sign the safe crossing petition or contact us with a query is welcome to do so via Frankie Nowne, the Parish Clerk.  The petition will also be available in the village stores,  the village institute and in the Annex.


The current plans being issued for public consultation are the concept plan by Wright and Wright Architects and the detailed design plan by East Sussex Highways.

The village centre project core team are as follows:- Liz Young , Teresa Killeen, Ann Spencer and Frankie Nowne Parish Clerk.  Any comments please send through to the Clerk.