Demolish existing rear extension and erect new two storey rear extension. Location Green Hedges, High Street, Flimwell, Ticehurst TN5 7PA

Demolition of existing garage and construction of 3 bay garage Location Bramdean, Station Road, Stonegate, Ticehurst TN5 7EP

Erection of garage. Location 1 Pond Cottage, High Street, Wallcrouch, Ticehurst TN5 7JN

Single storey extension and conservatory to side of house. Location Briars Croft, Station Road, Stonegate, Ticehurst TN5 7EN

Demolition of existing dwelling and replacement with new dwelling including new detached car port Location Slaves Dream, Lower Hazelhurst, Ticehurst TN5 7LE

Oak (T1) Raise crown to approx 2.4m above ground. Oak (T2) Cut back 3 nr limbs growing towards dwelling. Raise crown over gate & boundary fence to approx 2.4m. Location 2 The Acorns, Eridge Lane, Stonegate, Ticehurst TN5 7EY

The map above contains the current planning applications under review by the Parish Council.  The references will be removed after each Planning Committee Meeting.